Eat A Bag O' D*cks

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Eat A Bag O' D*cks

Looking for a unique way to tell your friends, family, or favorite enemies to indulge in a "Bag O' D*cks?" 

A thoughtful gift or just a funny suggestion of your true feelings! 

Each unique bag contains two novelty hand-crafted penises... Add additional pieces for  only $10 each! 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you put the recipient's name and address in the shipping option. Otherwise you end up with the bag o' d*cks, (not that it's necessarily a bad thing this time.) 

**Recipient and purchaser must be 18 years of age or older**
Please allow 10 business days for production and handling. Each item is custom made and/or modified to order. Orders must be placed by February 5th to guarantee delivery by February 14th in the domestic US